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Professor Katabaro Miti

March 12, 2013


Professor Katabaro Miti was born in Tanzania in 1949 and obtained his Ph.D in Political Economy from the University of Toronto in 1980. He has taught at various universities including: The University of Dar Es Salaam (1975-1985); University of Botswana (1985-1993); University of Venda, South Africa (1994-1997); Vista University, South Africa (1999-2003) and University of Pretoria, South Africa (2004 to present). His publications have mainly been on African politics and have included books, articles in books and journals. The books include Wither Tanzania (1987), Botswana in Southern Africa (1989), and a co edited book State of Africa 2009/2010 (2011). His articles have been published is various journals including: TAAMULI, UTAFITI, African Review, PULA, African Quarterly, African Journal of Public Administration and Management, Development Southern Africa, Globalization and Health, Global Health and Governance, Lesotho Social Sciences Review, Politique Africain and Southern African Peace and Security Journal. His research interests have spanned a lot of policy and political issues affecting Africa. These have included among others: African conflicts in particular the conflict in the Great Lakes and in the Horn of Africa; HIV and AIDS with special focus on its devastating effects in Eastern and Southern Africa and more recently the politicization of religion in Africa and its growing threat to political stability on the continent.

In the framework of RIMA, Professor Katabaro Miti will deal mainly with Islam in Tanzania.

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