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The Somali Civil War and Its Effects on the Horn of Africa and East Africa

March 31, 2013


The Somali Civil War and Its Effects on the Horn of Africa and East Africa

The Somali Civil War has been raging in Somalia for more than 22 years and its effects have been spilling to the neighboring countries of Kenya, Erirea, Ethiopia, Djibouti as well as to other African countries, such as Tanzania and Uganda, where it has been a source of instability.

This huge research projects is focusing on the following subjects: history of the Somali civil war; the rise of radical Islam in Somalia; the rule of the Islamic Courts Union; radical Islamic movements in Somalia; the Sufi sects in Somalia; Muslim Brotherhood in Somalia; the Somali pirates and maritime security; the spillage of the Somali conflict into neighboring countries; al-Shabaab rule in Somalia; the ressistance to al-Shabaab rule; the radicalization process among Somali Muslims in Kenya and Ethiopia; The Somali independent and semi-independent states (Somaliland, Puntland, etc.); the involvement of the African Union in the Somali crisis; the Ethiopian and Kenyan invasions of Somalia; the relationships between Muslims and Christians in Ethoipia and Kenya following the invasions into Somalia; the impact of the Somali civil war on the Somali Diaspora; and the role of the Somali Diaspora in the Somali civil war. 


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