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Professor Haggai Erlich

August 15, 2013


Professor Haggai Erlich


Born 29.3.1942, in Israel.

Higher education:

1. BA in General History and History of the Middle East and Africa, Tel Aviv University, 1967

2. MA in History of Islamic Peoples, HebrewUniversity, Jerusalem, 1969.

3. Ph.D. in History of Ethiopia, SOAS, London University, 1973.

Married (Yocheved) + 4 (Ori, Shiri, Yoav, Omri) +5  grandsons, (Youval, Yonathan, Maya, Tamar, Tal)

Current Position and Rank:

Emeritus.  Full Professor of Middle Eastern and African History, TAU.



Haggai Erlich, Ethiopia and Eritrea, Ras Alula, 1875 – 1897, MichiganStateUniversity Press, 1982. (Reprint, new preface, Red Sea Press, New Jersey and Asmara 1997).

Haggai Erlich, The Struggle Over Eritrea, 1962 – 1978, Hoover Institution, Stanford, 1983.

Haggai Erlich, Ethiopia and The Challenge of Independence, Lynne Rienner Press, Boulder, 1986.

Haggai Erlich, Students and University in Twentieth Century Egyptian Politics, Frank Cass Publishers, London 1989.

Haggai Erlich, Introduction to Modern History of the Middle East , The Open University Press, 5 vols., Tel Aviv, 1987 – 1991, (Hebrew).

Haggai Erlich, Ethiopia and the Middle East, Lynne Rienner Press, Boulder, 1994.

Haggai Erlich, The Middle East Between the World Wars, 5 vols., The Open University Press, Tel Aviv, 1992 – 2003. (Hebrew).

Haggai Erlich, Ethiopia: an Empire and a Revolution, The Open University Press, Tel Aviv 1997 (Hebrew).

Haggai Erlich, Youth and Politics in the Middle East – Generations and Identity Crises, Tel Aviv 1998 (Hebrew)

Haggai Erlich and  Israel Gershoni (eds.) The Nile – Histories, Cultures, Myths, Lynne Rienner Publishes, Boulder 2000.

Haggai Erlich,The Cross and the River –Ethiopia, Egypt and the Nile,  Lynne Rienner Publishers, Boulder 2002.

Haggai Erlich,  Steven Kaplan and Hagar Salamon, Ethiopia – Christianity, Islam, Judaism, The Open University Press, Tel Aviv, 2003 (Hebrew)

 Haggai Erlich, Egypt – The Older Sister, The Open University Press, Tel Aviv 2003 (Hebrew).

Haggai Erlich,  Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia – Islam, Christianity and Politics Entwined, Lynne Rienner Publishers, Boulder 2007

Haggai Erlich, Ethiopia- History of a Siege Culture, Ministry of Defense Publishers, Tel Aviv  2008 (Hebrew) .

Haggai Erlich, Islam and Christianity in the Horn of Africa – Somalia – Ethiopia – Sudan, LRP, 2010. 

Haggai Erlich, Generations of Rage – Students and University in the Middle East , The Open University Press, 2012

Haggai Erlich, Alliance and Alienation – Ethiopia and Israel in the Days of Haile Selassie, Tel Aviv, Dayan Center, 2013 (Hebrew. English version, Red Sea Press, New Jersey, forthcoming).  


 Israel Gershoni and Meir Hatina (eds.), Narrating the Nile: Politics, Cultures, Identities – Essays in Honor of Haggai Erlich, Lynne Rienner Publishers, Boulder, 2008. Israel Gershoni, ‘Honoring Haggai Erlich” (pp. 233 – 239)


Winner of the 2010 Landu Prize in Humanities,  African Studies.


In the framework of RIMA, Professor Haggai Erlich will deal with the Nile Valley and the Horn of Africa.

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