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Abdihakim Ali

August 18, 2013


Conducted numerous researchers, publications on wide range of subjects including, governance, security, foreign aid, corruption, education, HIV/AIDS, social and economic and institutional developments.

More than 10 years experience in the humanitarian and developmental spectrums with proven track record on structuring and implementing projects in daunting environment.   

Excellent knowledge in UN system, government bureaucracy,international organizations, multidisciplinary institutes, academic institutions , local NGOs, think-tanks, publication journals and non state actors.

Professional Experience

Institute for Peace and Security Studies,                                           Addis Abba,Ethiopia, 2011/12

Researcher, Somali case study

Study “Somalia – African Solutions in Security Governance” to understand the political processes affecting nation-building and the role of international, regional and national actors in the twin processes of intervention that involves mediation and peacekeeping. Design the research strategy and concept note for Somalia, provide guidance to researchers of the case study, and take responsibility for the production of a publication at the end of the research project.

The study, commissioned by the AU, is based on the AU’s Declaration on the Elimination of Conflicts and the Promotion of Sustainable Peace in Africa (Tripoli Declaration, August 2009) that designated peace and security as a collective “intellectual challenge” and called for the elaboration of “African-centered solutions.” Specific research areas include traditional leadership, Role of regional actors, Transitional Federal Institutions and AMISOM.

Office of the prime ministry, Mogadishu, Somalia, 2010/12                                                                                                                                  Policy Advisor                                                                                                    

In charge of day to day policy planning, engage political issues with local and international agencies, prepared drafts, political papers, briefing notes, background papers and summaries.

As advisor, I provided political advice and policy formulation, planning and promotion for the Office of the Prime Minister, the Council of Ministers, the various advisors, directors and staff on national security, foreign policy, domestic policy and national reconciliation process. Prepared various written materials for the Office of the Prime Minister and other key ministries.

Organized the prime ministry’s priorities and objectives and closely worked with various advisors both in Somalia and outside of the country to ensure that the PM gets advice that allows his vision is translated into sound policies to tackle the main challenges facing the country.

Drafted the work plan for the key ministerial departments.

Global Integrity, Mogadishu, 2011/12                                                                                

Lead researcher

To undertake robust research on governance as part of Africa Governance Research. Duties include: promote best practices, monitor all local relevant databases, publish list of existing researches on governance in Somalia, study local governances and all exiting local institutions.

Assess government’s role and its performance towards national institutions.

Analysis civil society, private sectors, non-state actors’s and academic institute’s involvement and participation in the government.

In collaboration with existing institutions, ensure governance and rule of law are mainstreamed into the broader research.

UNDP/World Bank                                                                                        Mogadishu, 2006-07

Consultant, constitution-making process                                        

 Conducted preliminary survey on questionnaire for public consultation, interview people on their input to the consultation process, draft analytical reports, pursue and arrange public debates, write weekly commentary paper on progress.

Prepared worksheets for public consultations, community engagements, civil society’s involvement and all other stakeholders to ensure transparent and inclusivity. 

International Institute of Education and Disabled People,            Mogadishu,

Project manager , 2003-04

Ensured effective implementation of multiple project, including health, education, food distribution and advocacy work in timely fashion.

Secured partnership collaboration with a number of UN agencies including UNDP/WFP.

Enhanced the participation of local community by 35% and promoted advocacy on PWD in Somalia.                                                      

Somali Forum for Progress,                                                           Helsinki, Finland, 2009

Deputy director                                                                                              

Developed action plan papers, restructured the organization’s objectives, identified new partners. 

Reset priorities of engagements including engaging with youths, diaspora communities.

Help produced “Waaberi journal”, an interdisciplinary journal that address peace and security studies in Nordic countries.  

Prepared conference reports on youth radicalizations, cultural events, diaspora as peace-building agent.


B. A in political science and international relation at United State International University (USIU), Nairobi, Kenya.

Advanced Diploma in Project Management. ICM College. London, UK.

Diploma in Community Development. Zearch College. Nairobi, Kenya.

Diploma in Journalism Affairs. Cambridge College. Nairobi, Kenya.

Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation from Zearch College. Stockholm, Sweden

Advanced Diploma in Proposal Writing and Report Writing. Kampala, Uganda.

Short Courses, seminars 1999-2011

Introduction to Public Relations,

Security Preparedness

Governance and peace-building

Message Criticism

Monitoring and evaluation

Advanced Public Speaking,

Interpersonal Communication,

Disarmament and demobilization

Organizational Communication

Project evaluation

Rapid and recovery assessment

Joint Need Assessment 

Mediation and conflict transformation

Human resources,

Conflict resolution,

Proposal Writing

Report Writing

HIV/ADIS counseling

Blogger, writer, team player.   


The role of civil society in Somali’s reconstruction:Challenges and Opportunities (Published at African Journal of Peace, OSREA, and Africa Review, 2009)

Reconstructing fragile state of Somalia: Drivers, dynamics, threats to the neighboring countries (To be published by The African Journal of International Affairs (AJIA)

Turkish’s Increasing Role in Somalia: An Emerging Donor?: (Published at Aljazeera Center for Studies, March 2012)

UK’s Renewed Engagement on Somalia: A New Paradigm? (Published at Italy’s Institute for Peace and Security, Feb, 2012)

Book: State, Governance and Development in Africa. Chapter Contribution: Nation-building and State Reconstitution from Bottom-up and Inside Out: A Case Study of Somalia (The Book to Published by University of KwaZulu-Natla Press, 2012)

Research Project: Understanding the armed groups in Horn of Africa (Social Science Research Council, 2012)

Fellowship and Academic Affiliation

Nordic African Institute, Uppsala University, Sweden

The African Public Policy and Research Institute, South-Africa,

The American Political Science Association, USA.

African Diaspora Project, Finland

Recent Articles

The Conundrum of Somali Transition, 2009,

Beyond August’s election, 2010,

Not ever Somali is Terrorist, 2010,

Famine in Somalia: A collective response,

London conference: Opportunities and challenges:

The Case for Negotiating with al-Shabab, 2011,

What Increased Troops mean for al-Shabab,

Espousing Turkey’s Aid Model: Lesson for Nordic Donors,


Multilingual in English, Arabic, Swedish & Somali (Native).

In the framework of RIMA, Abdihakim will deal with Somalia and Somalis in the Horn of Africa and in the Diaspora.  






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