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MoU between IPSS and RIMA

November 21, 2013


MoU between IPSS and RIMA

November 2013

On November 14, 2013, the Institute for Peace and Security Studies of Addis Ababa University (IPSS) — which is a premier institute for higher learning and research on peace and security studies in Africa — and the Think Tank for the Research of Islam and Muslims in Africa (RIMA) — which is the only think tank of its kind which is solely dedicated to Islam and Muslim countries and communities in Africa and the African Diaspora —  signed an MoU, according to which they agreed to collaborate and strengthen the work of their respective institutes.

The areas of collaboration are focused on religious based conflicts, the nexus between climate change and conflict in the Horn of Africa and Africa at large as well as on the advancement of understanding and knowledge on Islam in Africa and on Muslim countries and communities in Africa and the Diaspora, especially as they relate to peace and security.

The joint activities will include but will not be limited to: research and policy analysis; policy dialogues; knowledge dissemination; academic exchanges and mutual visits; joint research and publication; collaboration; joint organization of conferences, seminars and workshops; etc.

The link to the IPSS website is:

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