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Denise N. Baken, Ph.D.

April 13, 2014

Dr. Denise N. Baken’s extensive experience includes evaluating science and technology trends in biological threat identification and detection and developing public health network threat monitoring assessment and counter-threat analysis tools. The focus of these efforts was on identifying vulnerabilities that could lead to persons of ill intent acquiring weapons of mass destruction. Dr. Baken’s research centers on assessing these vulnerabilities as they emanate from Northern Africa, particularly the Sahel. Her work has identified cyber structure threats and determined the points of concern in the equilibrium of data, data repository and data access.  She seeks to identify how these vulnerabilities can be exploited for groups such as al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb to Polisario.

She had more than 28 years in the military, holding a variety of positions that focused on vaccine development, medical research, vaccine administration healthcare, and medical research. Assignments ranged from Army Legislative Liaison for the Secretary of the Army, Legislative Liaison, managing the Army’s Medical Research and Biological Research programs to United States House and Senate Authorization Committee members, to Chief, Policy and Communications, Army National Guard to Staff Member, Senate Appropriations Defense Subcommittee to Chief of Staff for the Special Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of Defense for Chemical and Biological Protection.   In addition, Dr. Baken developed and implemented chemical and biological warfare healthcare policies for the Department of Defense. Dr. Baken also provides graduate level instruction on biodefense and biosecurity history, current technology, agricultural terrorism, national security policy implications and public health responses.  She is a retired Colonel and has a Ph.D in Biodefense from George Mason University.

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