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Can Boko Haram be stopped? – Shepard Smith’s Fox News Channel

May 14, 2014

Can Boko Haram be stopped? – Shepard Smith’s Fox News Channel 

On Thursday, May 8, 2014 Dr. Timothy Furnish appeared for a few minutes on Shepard Smith’s Show on Fox News Channel.  The topic was the Nigerian Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram.

Here is the link:

Also, he was interviewed by FNC correspondent Jonathan Hunt for some 6-7 minutes, but most of that did not run.  Some of what he said was extracted for a Fox print piece:

“Timothy Furnish, an author and Islam scholar, told Fox News that the [State] department probably was reluctant to ‘add anothe group that is clearly Islamic to the list.’ [Regarding the designation, just recently, of Boko Haram as a terrorist group;” ‘Better late than never, but unfortunately where were these tweets and where was this outrage when churches were being bombed and thousands of Christians–as well as non-fundamentalist Muslims–were being killed in Nigeria?’ he said, referring to a recent [Hillary] Clinton tweet drawing attention to the kidnappings. ‘It would have been nice if this outrage had happened earlier.'”


  1. E have recently been told by this administration! That it is difficult to provide aid or assist the government of Nigeria. That there are laws and restrictions that require time and passage of bills. But it was this administration that ignored, bypassed law and restrictions and allow American Christians to be killed to cover up his funding of these groups and provide them with weapons as Boko Haram said that they are better armed than the military of that land. It was Obama who threatened the president of Nigeria with military action if he was too aggressive in his fight against the Islamic group, that he should not cross the line into human rights violations. While Boko Haram was beheading burning thousands of Christians in Nigeria. This is just a politicians way of protecting his loyalty and beliefs. By protecting the Islamic front against the west using words deception and lies to support them while looking like his hands are tied and he can not oppose them.

  2. Mr. Pierce: thanks for taking the time to comment. But I have no idea what that first sentence means, And the rest of your allegations, as near as I can ascertain their crux, require more sourcing and data to back them up.

  3. Mr Pierce, with respect your comment is nonsense and really defies response but I’ll try.
    Boko Haram has not killed American Christians, it has killed Nigerian Christians and Muslims fairly indiscriminately
    Pres Obama never threatened military action against Nigeria in anyway shape of form or for any reason.
    The most irritating thing about the attention that Boko Haram is getting, is it seems to have drawn people out of the woodwork to attach whatever their gripe of the day (normally anti Obama or Hilary Clinton) on it, and try and insinuate this is the sole cause of what is essentially a Nigerian problem, that would exist whether it was Obama, Romney, Bush or Darth Vader in the US White House. Mainly because this has absolutely nothing to do with the US.
    The FTO designation has not helped stop or counter BH and will not do so. It is a silly argument especially as the Nigerian government vehemently opposed it till the last

    I would however take askance with asking countries such as Egypt in, first their contributions to the Nigerian Civil War were almost completely useless other than bombing as many non military targets as possible thus their reputations are quite low, they have their hands full with Sisi’s anointing nd the Sinai, third BH’s connections lie in the sub Saharan east (Cameroun, CAR, Sudan) and the Sahelian west (Mali). Other than their Sudanese links I’m not sure what the Egyptians bring to the party. BH is unlikely to listen to a secular, US backed military government.

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