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Numbers and Percentage of Muslims in African Countries


According to the International Religious Freedom Report for 2013, the number or percentage of Muslims in the African countries is as follows:

Algeria: more than 99% of the overall population.

Angola: estimated at 80,000 to 90,000 adherents.

Benin: 24% of the overall population according to the 2002 census.

Botswana: According to a 2011 study by the Pew Research Center, there are approximately 8,000 Muslims, many of whom are of South Asian origin.

Burkina Faso: approximately 61% of the overall population.

Burundi: estimated at between 2% to 5% of the overall population.

Cameroon: 21% of the overall population according to the 2005 census.

Cape Verde: 2% of the overall population according to the country’s National Institute of Statistics.

Central African Republic: 10% of the overall population according to the 2003 census.

Chad: approximately 58% of the overall population according to the 2009 census.

Comoros: more than 99% of the overall population.

Cote d’Ivoire: approximately 35% to 40% of the overall population.

Democratic Republic of the Congo: 5% of the overall population.

Djibouti: 94% of the overall population.

Egypt: approximately 90% of the overall population is Sunni Muslim while the Shi’a Muslims constitute significantly less than 1% of the overall population.

Equatorial Guinea: less than 1% of the overall population.

Eritrea: 50% of the overall population according to the Eritrean government and 36% of the overall population according to a 2010 estimate by the Pew Charitable Trust.

Ethiopia: 34% of the overall population according to the 2007 census.

Gabon: 5% – 10% of the overall population.

The Gambia: more than 90% of the overall population.

Ghana: 18% of the overall population.

Guinea: approximately 85% of the overall population.

Guinea-Bissau: 40% of the overall population.

Kenya: 10% of the overall population.

Lesotho: estimated at 4,000 Muslim families according to the International Religious Freedom Report for 2011 according to the International Religious Freedom Report for 2013 Muslim numbers are declining due to emigration to South Africa.

Liberia: 12.2% of the overall population according to the 2008 National Population and Housing Census. Unofficial reports and surveys estimate Muslims constitute between 10 and 20 percent of the population.

Libya: 97% of the overall population.

Madagascar: 10% – 15% of the overall population.

Malawi: approximately 13% of the overall population.

Mali: 95% of the overall population.

Mauritania: almost the entire population practice Islam.

Mauritius: 17% of the overall population according to the 2000 census.

Morocco: more than 99% of the overall population.

Mozambique: 18% of the overall population according to the National Institute of Statistics 2007 census.

Namibia: small community (numbers or percentage are not mentioned).

Niger: more than 98% of the overall population.

Nigeria: estimated at 50% of the overall population.

Republic of the Congo: 2% of the overall population.

Rwanda: 4.6% of the overall population according to the 2002 census.

Sao Tome and Principe: less than 2% of the overall population.

Senegal: approximately 94% of the overall population.

Seychelles: small numbers of Muslims (there is no mention of numbers or percentage). 1.1% according to the CIA Factbook 2012.

Sierra Leone: estimated at 77% of the overall population by the Inter-Religious Council.

Somalia: a large majority of the population is Sunni Muslim (no mention of numbers or percentage).

South Africa: together with Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, and adherents of traditional African beliefs together constitute less than 5% of the overall population (no mention of numbers or percentage). 1.5% of the overall population according to the CIA Factbook 2012.

South Sudan: Studies from the 1980s and the early 2000s estimated Muslims constituted between 18 and 35 percent of the population, but the number of Muslims has probably declined through migration to Sudan after South Sudanese independence in 2011.

Sudan: approximately 97% of the overall population according to the Ministry of Culture and Information (MCI).

Swaziland: approximately 2% of the overall population.

Tanzania: roughly 35% of the overall population according to Pew Forum survey conducted in 2010, whereas according to other reports approximately 50% of the overall population.

Togo: estimated at 14% of the overall population according to a research conducted in 2004 by the Demographic Research Unit of the University of Lome.

Tunisia: 99% of the overall population.

Uganda: 12% of the overall population according to government figures.

Zambia: less than 1% of the overall population according to the 2000 census. There are approximately 140,000 Muslims. Muslim communities are primarily concentrated in Lusaka and in the Eastern and Copperbelt provinces. Many are immigrants from South Asia, Somalia, and the Middle East who have acquired Zambian citizenship. Somali immigration has increased significantly in recent years; the Somali community is estimated at around 20,000, with a majority living in Ndola and Lusaka. A small minority of indigenous persons are also Muslim.

Zimbabwe: approximately 3% of the overall population.

  1. Somalia is the only country in the world where its population is 100% of Muslims

    • no countries are like 100% …so every country has a minorities which believes other religions

      • Imran Khan permalink

        Somalia are sunni Muslims 100% know that

  2. Mohamed abdi shire permalink

    Somalis people are pure muslims because islam is the truely religion that allah accep this world and the domsday

    • Francis Inyangala permalink

      Al shaabab from Somalia are they pure muslim Abdi?

  3. abdi permalink

    Proud to muslim again I proud to be somali where ever we are weither ethiopia or kenya . Somalia and dgebueti as100 per cent pure muslims may allah protect us

  4. Yusuf mdthr permalink

    The %ge given by the ugandan gov’t in total indicates that muslims are 12.1% after adding up four regions in %ges. The figures indicate that 18.4%is in central, 17.0% in eastern,8.5% in northern, 4.3% in western according to the report posted on the wikipedia. The above parcentages per region will give a total of 48.2% of muslims instead of the 12.1%. Is true what criteria was used

  5. Abdulai hafiz permalink

    Great work done. Thanks!

  6. Ashiru D. Tasiu permalink

    what about the exact population of muslims in South Africa?

  7. Great work!!,the population of muslims in Tanzania was not known always there was a contradiction,this research prove the fact,

  8. Samajecel Muhammed permalink

    Somalia is 100% Muslims.
    Kenya is 34% Muslims.
    Ethiopia is 50 % Muslims.

  9. thinker permalink

    Zambia, an officially Christian nation, where the population is about 1-3% Muslim was just named by the Global Peace Index as the most peaceful nation in Africa. Somalia , nearly 100% Muslim, is the least peaceful. Go figure.

    • thinker:you never think well ,are you trying to tell the world that Zambia is peaceful than all other nation because they majority Christians?no you are wrong, wait until when there’s any hot mineral resource in that country then you would see what America and it’s allies will do there.

  10. I’m from Cameroon and my favourire ppl in the world are somalis, may Allah help us

  11. I need to know about Muslims

  12. That’s good

  13. jasmine permalink

    i would rather visit Zambia than somalia .look what your people have done killing innocents in Iraq and Syria is that your allah doing…no mental peace you have.

  14. jasmine permalink

    Mohammad first preached Islam but slowly started dehumanizing other religions telling they are satans you don’t have the right to say your religion is dominant or will exercise paradise and non-Muslims will hell .have you ever read the Qur’an .I’m sure non of you know Arabic and Islam scholars also never allow it to translate. you should allow free conversion to Islam not forcibly .how can he be a prophet who married his own nine year old daughter Aisha of Medina wife um rum an. and to hide his hideous acts he put a new rule in the Qur’an that a girl if virgin can be had by her father or paternal grandfather. such satan acts omg.also when he fired arrows in the holy month in mecca and killed his own caste qurasyh who opposed him on religion basis .he shed blood for trade and personal profit .his followerswere worried for they killed in the.holy month mohammad to motivate their bad acts again converted them to good deeds declaring a new law saying whosoever kills in the name of allah will be blessed and receive can one be blessed hurting the flesh of life which god so selflessly gave us.does your father say kill others and then i will buy you a chocolate.wake up dont feel provoked cos what youve done to innocent people is unforgettable but you can be baptized still.

  15. jasmine permalink

    but those who heartfully regret and confess are forgiven and you will feel eternal peace

  16. jasmine permalink

    did you know that angel Gabriel was thrown from the heavens for he denied god .he learnt everything except for giving life.he wanted to be god himself why serve others if he knew everything and turned from Jesus. when he fell on earth evil spread and he met mohammad which you say enlightenment taught him biblical scriptures verses psalms that is why mohammad had answers for every asked questions. islam is an abandoned part of Christianity have you read the old testament try out you will understand. for the relation of devil Gabriel and Jesus do we have that saying .”good and bad are equal but good wins over the bad”if you read the lifeline of Jesus Christ you see he gave life to a dead but did mohammad do any such acts could he give life he could only tear life to death but not life to death.all you educated and civilized people try to differentiate why zambia is peaceful n not somalia.

    • Aesop permalink

      Jasmine you speak logic, sense and the truth.

      If the truth is revealed to Muslims, then they can only turn to Christ.

      What a beautiful amazing example who gave us the undeserved the gift of eternal life.

      This compared with the nasty war lord Mohammad who ruled and beheaded with the sword.

      That is why the last place on earth you want to live in is one with 100% Muslims.

    • supuu permalink

      amen to that jasmine! the Bible says that in the end times a false religion will force their religion onto Christians. on the other hand, the Qur’an says that in the end times, whoever will not b muslim will b slaughtered if they refuse to convert to Islam. it has started happening alrdy. look at wat the al-shaabab r doing. dear Muslims, you stil hav time to b baptized, seize the opportunity.

    • Dear Jasmi e neither You have Islam knowledge nor Christian. I don’t know which You belongs . I pray Allah guide you to true path. Pls stop spreading hatre. If you are Missionary then it’s not your fault.

  17. R kannan permalink

    It is not a great thing to have 70% or 100% Muslims in a country. There should be at least 50% peace without any clashes between 2 sects.

  18. Okjazz permalink

    GOD bless you brother Yasmine,you told them the truth but can they understand ?they are like goat.let’s pray for them no matter their hatre against of them blown of himself in the northern region of our beloved country Cameroon and many innocent people lost their lives.that is islam

  19. nuel mike permalink

    please people confess God now so that you can have an eternal life

  20. nasem permalink

    mashallah islam is spreading

  21. mahmud permalink

    jasmine, aesop, supuu
    you think we muslims create havoc in our own lands without apparant provocation! we are killed in millions in ıraq, afghanistan, syria and still we are to blame for our own deaths! we are sado-masochistic you think! what I regret is that the downtrodden people of Africa Asia and elsewhere are shown false enemies and they go witchhunting while their lands are being sucked dry.
    France and England have ruled Africa for about 200 hundred years and there nations speak English and French with Arabic and Portugese exceptions in the north and south. the ruling elites bear english or french names and they feel happy about this. Ottomans ruled part of europe and africa and no one speaks turkish or bears turkish names. well, this is a world where “might is right” and stockhoşm syndrome prevails.

  22. Muna permalink

    Ethiopian Muslims are 65%

  23. in accurate calculation the percentage of Kenyan muslim around 27 % pls check once again

  24. Sa'adkoromoo permalink

    Kanneen hafan yeroo itti aanuu isiniif dhiyeessina.

  25. Yusuf jemal permalink

    Very good but it is not 34% in Ethiopia it is more than 50% thakyou for all

  26. Hasan Hussein permalink

    Some of the country have an error muslim Ethiopian muslims are 65% of total population according to national Islamic affairs Beareu.please correct it.

    • The material was taken from the 2013 International Religious Freedom Report, which is a reliable source. However, I agree with you that the data may have changed during the last three and a half years and I need to update it.

  27. Amazing

  28. Abdurahman permalink

    Please the percentage of Muslims in Ethiopia is more than 65

  29. pst James tawol permalink

    OK, this analysis on Liberia been Christian state, proved to me that Liberia is Christian state, according to the rate, Christian is 85.5 and Muslims is 12.2

  30. Reuben Sitali permalink

    Where to find Muslim Brothers in Solwezi Zambia.

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